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The Power of the Dog 2021
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The bright, white -eyed, handsome Phil Burbank deceived him. Phil’s love, strengths and weaknesses are stuck in the past and in the country: he can throw a calf with two quick knife strokes; he swam naked in the river and wet the mud on his body. He was a young cow, a piece of his skin. The year was 1925. Brother Burbank was a wealthy pastor in Montana. On the way to the market, the brothers met Rose, the widowed owner, and her charming son, Peter at the Red Mill restaurant. BHUJ THE PRIDE OF INDIA 2021
Phil’s behavior is so cruel that it makes them all cry, frown in their pain, and make co -workers laugh – all except his brother George, who calms Rose down and then returns to marry her. As Phil twists between anger and cunning, Rose’s sarcasm takes a horrible form – he rises to the side of his field of vision, whistling singing a song he can no longer play. His son’s ridicule of him was more pronounced, amplified by the joy from pastor Phil’s students. Then Phil is seen carrying the boy under his wing. It is! Was the recent signal a softness that let Phil open, or an increasingly dangerous plot? Netflix.

The Power of the Dog 2021

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