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Google’s free and easy-to-use Google Classroom tool is a free, easy-to-use and comprehensive training platform from the IT giant. The app is available as part of G Suite and includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and other apps. Google Classroom is specially designed for teachers and students studying at K-12 and higher education institutions. Compared to ActiveInspire, Udemy, Preply and other similar tools, Google offers integration with a wide range of curricula and web, including Discovery Education, American Museum of Natural History, a free learning app, teachers and students can easily connect to the Internet to share work, study , resources and other information. Google Class Downloads focuses on paperless workflows that allow teachers to view, evaluate, and create tasks from a single dashboard. This platform can be used for good learning and allows you to start discussions with students or send ads. Students can also share resources with each (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Learning objectives, lessons and resources In Google Classroom, learning becomes a focused, productive and effective experience. The education platform encourages communication between teachers and students, and also provides collaboration and a collection of simple tasks. With the program, teachers can distribute projects, conduct classes and provide feedback from the main information panel. In addition, it can be linked to Google Drive accounts and Google Docs. So what? Everything is easily stored in Google Classroom? The main purpose of this educational platform is to reduce the technical gap between students and teachers. It is a complete interactive platform that enables uninterrupted communication and learning. Because Google Class is well integrated with other Google products, the program provides an easy, fast, and paperless way to provide training, work, and class resources available for multiple operating systems, including Windows and Android. The learning tool can be used to announce tests, events, trips and other aspects of student life. Most importantly, it enables teachers to monitor students’ progress in real time. Students can also track their presentations, deadlines, tasks and more. Yes! I can see and present everything in the app, right? Can teachers use Google Class? Compared to other training programs for Windows computers, Google Class has a simple and well-known interface. The intuitive information panel allows you to be guided in all tasks without any special problems. There are two special sections for teachers, “Stream” and “Students”. They help teachers monitor students’ performance and let them plan courses in the “Students” section, teachers can communicate directly with students. You can enter each email address manually to send invitations or ask students to join a class with a unique number. On the other hand, the “Stream” section is part of the learning tool for publishing ads, assignments, questions, and student comments. When all students have joined the class or joined the group, you will spend most of your time in the Stream section. The main purpose of this section is to help teachers create projects and do homework. Each post can focus on some instructions, topics and other key to the course work. Yes! How students can use GoogleClass? The unique class entry number is on the left of the group page. Students must write this number to join the group. Basically, it is the teachers we can post ads and roles in the group. To change these settings, you can visit the Students section, which allows students to ask questions, submit a variety of information, and comment on a learning tool that automatically tracks calendar dates. It accepts all distributions submitted by students on time and designates delayed information as delays. Students also have the opportunity to keep files at work. For example, it is easy to add a link that leads the teacher to an authorized person’s website or a copy of the information. If students want to attach work files, they can be accessed from the main disk, YouTube, Google Drive, and other links in the Online Help and Training Unit. In addition, students can link to the task in a post such as a DOCX file or a Google document.
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You can open them directly in the Google Classrooms interface. Teachers can evaluate them when they are online or when they are connected to the app in a short time, Google Class has become a leading learning platform for both students and teachers. If you are a teacher, the app helps you track students’ progress. In addition, you can provide students with real-time feedback that helps them learn and improve, and on the other hand, more effectively. If you are a student, you can plan all assignments and presentations. The program integrates with Google’s products, making it easier to add files, store material in the cloud, and access all courses anywhere, anytime. Nowadays, Google Classroom is without a doubt the best choice for learning and growth, so students can easily join the best option for children under 12 and in higher education. But smart phones and laptops are a great way to stay in touch and review various tasks, studies and resources. With the help of a learning program, such as Google Classroom, this process becomes more active in the classroom, so that students and teachers can work with modules related to lessons, as well as assignments, spreadsheets and so on. deadlines, liability collection, etc. To get started, you need a free Google Apps for Education account, but that’s about it. Just download the app and get started!.

Google Classroom

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