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A PDF Reader with Many Additional Features Foxit Reader is primarily a PDF reader that you can also use to create, sign, edit and annotate PDFs. It works across operating systems and offers plug-ins for various programs from the Microsoft Office suite, which makes it extremely flexible and useful for anyone who often deals with this file from the first versions, which were already characterized by their strong performance and lightness ( Function () {(‘Review-App-Page-Desktop’);}); This program is a multilingual suite of tools that enable users to create, view, sign, edit, and print their PDF files. It’s freemium software, which means you can pay for it without a dime, but the premium version gives you some extra perks. However, be aware that Foxit Reader covers the basics for free unless you need certain features. Another differentiator of this program is its security. It has a handy security option supported by JavaScript to protect you from unauthorized scripts transferring data when using PDFs from the web.
AutoCAD download torrent It also comes with a handy feature for creating PDFs from scanned documents. There are also browser-style plugins that are great for expanding the reader’s skills even further. All in all, this program is one of the best free PDF readers out there because it is so powerful, fast, and full of features. A Cluttered User Interface For those unfamiliar with PDF creation, Foxit Reader’s user interface can be a bit overwhelming. On the one hand, it looks a bit like Microsoft Office, with a ribbon toolbar, on the other hand, the tools are complex and dauntingly packaged. Fortunately, understanding the plethora of tools available to you is relatively easy. You can minimize the ribbon to reduce clutter and free up space for the PDF file being viewed. There’s also a full screen mode that gets the distraction out of the way and makes things easier. In addition, you can minimize the entire window for the program to a system tray icon that takes up less space than a line in the Windows system tray. There is also a security toolbox to help resolve security issues for you and your PC, especially if you are dealing with less reliable documents. If you want to use Foxit Reader to view PDFs, figuring out its various features and their format isn’t complicated. There are a number of tabs that you can use to work with multiple files at once, as well as a toolbar that you can use to navigate through bookmarks and tables of contents. Another option is to create PDFs, which takes time, but once you’ve done that you can create fully functional PDF files with built-in Microsoft Office options for any function you need. Lightweight and packed with tools The Foxit Reader program is lightweight. The installation file is only 12MB in size, so documents can be installed and opened quicklycan be. The design also reflects this convenience, as it doesn’t come with endless welcome screens, plug-ins, and credits. Instead, all toolbars and tools have a clear purpose. These bars provide utilities for zooming, taking snapshots, searching, viewing the document full screen, selecting a piece of text, and more. With this reader you can also add highlighting, strikethrough, underlining and comment options to your PDFs. Sometimes you want to reuse your PDF files in other applications. This program allows you to convert your PDFs to various file formats such as text or image files, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, HTML and more. You can also use forms to collect data through check boxes or text boxes. The information gathered can easily be shared via email, on a website, or otherwise online for anyone to fill in using a PDF editor. Then export the data in a format that you can use with other applications. Versatile This program runs on Windows and Mac computers. Foxit Reader for Windows requires the Windows 7 through Windows 10 operating system, while Foxit Reader for Mac requires Mac OS X or higher. Foxit Reader is also portable. You can run it from a local folder, one in the cloud, or an external drive, which means you don’t even have to install it on your desktop, but rather take it with you on a flash drive – the lightweight feature comes in handy here too. Errors and Alternatives The main disadvantage of Foxit Reader is that you cannot view Flash animations and 3D drawings in your PDFs. It also lacks the OCR (Optical Channel Recognition) function, so text on images cannot be recognized. Also, read the fine print carefully when installing the software or an update. Otherwise, the program may install unwanted freeware on your PC or change some of your essential browser and desktop functions. Perhaps the best-known alternative to this program is Adobe Reader DC. The design allows for viewing, editing and managing in other ways, as well as PDF files, and works on different operating systems. Other options that are available to you are Sumatra PDF, a small, portable but powerful PDF reader, and the PDF-XChange Viewer, which is quite feature-rich and completely free. You can also try Nitro PDF Reader, which allows you to collaborate on projects and a lot more, or STDU Viewer, which allows you to view documents in different formats in a single file, which makes working with PDFs a lot easier overall, Foxit Reader is more than a simple replacement for Microsoft’s Reader app. It offers a remarkable performance in terms of tools and functions, making it ideal for creating and working with PDFs. It’s not the only tool of its kind, but it’s excellent and a strong recommendation..

Foxit Reader

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