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The fun and popular online party game Among Us is a paid online multiplayer game released in 2018, but it gained a large number of online followers by 2020. Developed by the InnerSloth team, Among Us offers hours of fun in a minimalist gaming environment. The game, which belongs to the genre of social reasoning, takes place on a spaceship and consists of a crew and one of the crooks. Your job is to find the impostor before he kills everyone! What is between us? Each player is given the role of a crew member or impostor. Players can create a team of up to 4 people and join the game at any time. The game can also be played online or via a local Wi-Fi connection. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}) What is the purpose of the About us game? tasks assigned to them and fraudsters to vote. Instead, scammers have to kill the entire crew or sabotage the execution of their duties. If you become a pretentious crew member, the game becomes more fun because you can kill everyone before you are found! The game takes place on a spaceship and has 3 levels. Players move around this spaceship with basic movements forward, backward, right and left. Each player must move from room to room and complete assignments without giving others a reason to vote. Only after a player dies can the crew speak up and call an emergency meeting to discuss and remove the suspected player. If there are 10 players in the game, you can choose more than one cheater. This makes the game more fun and sends your crew mates hunting wild geese to find the killer. Also, the deceased crew turns into ghosts and can sit and watch the end of the game.There are 3 maps in the game. The default map is The Skeld, a spacecraft with a rounded layout and balanced space and congestion. This map gives scammers little room to kill members without being detected. The other two maps are wider, which gives more advantages to scammers. How to kill among us? As a cheater you have to wait in the shadows and sneak over other reported players. Once a crew member is through, you can jump out of hiding and kill him before he has a chance to reveal your identity. For example, when crew members perform certain tasks in the lab, you can kill them, turn off the lights and hide in any hole to kill other members. Are there scammers at our Center? A liar in the circle. We are a role that is randomly assigned to one of 10 players. The rest of the players will enter the game as Crewmates. In the game, a cheat is a transformable space creature that looks like another crew but exists only to sabotage the ship and kill all players during the process. Does the game offer customization options? Our character is unique because the game offers a lot of fun and weird customization options. With crew members, you can choose your clothes, play with different colors and skins, and spend time with the hamstersyou. The game features sticky notes, toilet paper and other random items that add comedy to the chaos. Does this game have fancy graphics? Among Us does not contain sophisticated graphics and does not have appropriate graphics sound effect notes. Instead, the game offers a minimalist design that draws people’s interest in meme culture. The only sound effect you will notice is the effect that makes you suspicious. The game also has a chat feature that is activated as soon as a member is found dead. Is it easy to play with us? After downloading from us to your computer, you can start playing immediately. The game works with forward, backward, jump and other similar controls. Also, the game does not last long, so you can play for 10-15 minutes and then go back to work. Support pt. lets you play on devices with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 or phones with Android or iOS. The last two are available for free and can only be purchased in -game. Why is Inside Us so popular? Although it was released among Us Online in 2018, its popularity started to grow only in 2020. There are several reasons for this, one of which is the simple games it offers. The game also became popular when famous Twitch users started streaming it, users started creating a lot of fan art, and memes from the game started visiting social media platforms as well. Fall Guys – Ultimate Knockout is a game very similar to Within Us and has a total of 60 players. If you’re looking for a game that takes place in outer space, you can’t go wrong with Neptune Lander Elite. Other fun games you can try are Brawl Stars and Armed. Fresh and big updates. Games Among Us have become popular in different countries and for different age groups. The team faces the challenge of offering something new while maintaining the original game that many love. To add even more challenging complexity, four roles have been added to the game. The roles of additional crew members of The Scientist, Engineer, Guardian Angel and the refreshing roles of the Shapeshifter cheater are available to play with your family, and as before, the roles are highly customized to your liking. Cosmicube, on the other hand, is a response to players demanding more cosmetics and progress shows. Thanks to this, you will get more exclusive cosmetics and present your collection of elegant accessories. There are both free and paid customization options like visor cosmetics and special nameplates that can spark fun while enhancing your appearance. Additionally, some themed products can be redeemed by unlocking. Download With Us? Among Us for PC is an online multiplayer survival game with 15 minutes of gameplay and a lot of fun. It has a weird appearance where Our Us characters try to kill or vote for other players. The game also includes three maps, an in -game chat feature and several customization options. So, if you are looking for a fun game that offers hours of entertainment, you should download Without Us to your computer.

Among Us

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