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NCH Prism Plus 7
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Prism Video Converter Software – Convert AVI MP4 WMV MOV MPEG FLV and other video file formats. Prisma is the most flexible and versatile converter available and easy to use, convert or compress video files in minutes, Universal Video Converter integrates all popular formats and Batch video converter to convert thousands of videos. Edit multiple videos

Prisma converts avi, mpg, vob, asf, wmv, mp4 and all video formats containing DirectShow codec. If you can play a video file with Windows Media Player, you can convert it with Prism. Prism-supported video formats. MPEG AVI MP4 MOV WMV video file format converter

Easily adjust video settings

With Prisma you can set standards for compression / encoder, resolution and frame rate for output files. Prisma supports everything from HD to high compression for small files. You can even set specific output file sizes.

Preview video conversion

Examine the original video and the pre-converted video output results to ensure that the effect settings, including video rotation and captions, are set correctly. WhatBot Plus 4 Download Torrent

Automatically convert DVD

Convert DVD To just add DVD, select the format and click convert.

* Under copyright. Prism cannot be used to break protected videos and copies.

Converting DVD video files.

NCH Prism Plus 7

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