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Here, Sony is one of the most powerful audio editors known for its professional video and audio editing products. This package includes a wide range of utilities sharpened to work with audio. You can download Sony Sound Forge if you go to all the news. By installing and launching the program you can easily and above all professionally process audio files in various formats, edit patterns and record audio easily, of course you cannot do without many built-in effects. can be applied to songs.

Sony Sound Forge also offers a data encoding tool; if necessary, you can quickly convert audio files to various formats and perform many other functions. The developers themselves write that sound technicians and recording studios often use their products, but for some reason it seems to me that they use completely different products, although I may be wrong, I never had a hard time appreciating, but the fact that you have a powerful sound editor , is true. Because Sony Sound Forge has a fairly clear and convenient interface, ordinary users with little experience in this field can work with the program.

The latest versions of the program have the ability to customize the sound based on events, you can record discs at once, Sony Sound Forge has begun to support the use of DirectX plug-ins. In addition to the normal audio editing functions, you can also edit mono, stereo and multi-channel audio files, the program includes more than two dozen DirectX plug-ins, you can also perform multi-channel file editing and processing, and support for file editing is available.
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All files can be added by simply dragging them to the main window of Sony Sound Forge, which is quite convenient. Usually, a program has a huge number of functions, so it’s easy not to say everything in a small overview, I think many have come across this tool without me and know perfectly what’s in front of it. No matter what he decided to try for the first time, do not worry if there are problems, then the comments are waiting for you, do not forget to log out and express your opinion.

Developer: Sony Creative Software, Inc.

License: ShareVare

Language: Add

Operating system: Windows 7+ k86 / k64

How to install:

1). Instructions will be added as needed.

2). That’s it, the end.


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